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Five Ways to Improve the Efficacy of Your Workout

Five Ways to Improve the Efficacy of Your Workout

OK, you’ve been exercising for a few weeks now, and have seen great results, but lately, you been noticing that you are not losing as much weight as you did when you first started. Why?

Don’t worry, you are not alone, this can and does happen to many. This can occur as the body becomes too acclimated the same old routines, and the body hits a plateau.

Therefore, changes to the exercise routine are vital when you want to see results gradually since it is practically impossible that you progress when you’re always doing the same thing. This happens because your body gets used to a certain exercise routine that becomes more efficient and consequently uses less energy, i.e., you burn fewer calories.

Check out these 5 great tips for improving the effectiveness of your workout.


1. Motivation

When you decide to create the most effective workout routine possible to reach your specific fitness goal, there is an important question you need to ask yourself first.

What do I what to achieve?

Do I want to lose weight, tone your body, build muscle mass, burn calories? This is important as this defines the type of exercises that you need to implement to achieve your goal. Understanding your goals and objectives of your exercise routine will help to motivate you to exercise every day.

 The benefits of exercise are both physical and mental, therefore improving your health and quality of life.

2. Innovation

Change your exercise routine; who enjoys spending an hour running on a treadmill or sweating on an elliptical for their entire workout session, 5 times a week? While a good cardio session can indeed burn off calories and gets your heart working to help burn fat and improve your overall health, there’s no reason why your workout should seem like such a chore.

Changing the way that you work out will not only help you to keep interested in your workout regime, it will also keep the body guessing so it does not get used to the same old same and will also allow you to target other areas of your body.

For example, try sets of bodyweight exercises such as burpees, lunges, and crunches to not only burn energy but also work on toning up those muscles. Skip the weight machines, and add some free weights. Instead of the treadmill, join different exercise classes. Keep in mind your fitness goal.

3. Interval Workouts

Interval workouts are the most effective methods of burning calories. The next time you are on the treadmill, running, cycling or even using a cross trainer, try using intervals.

These are done by maintaining a constant and steady pace, but every few minutes, increase your speed to the fastest that you can manage before returning to the steady pace again after a few more minutes.

The way this works is that your heart is constantly being driven to work hard and then starts to relax again and this constant change of heart pace means that you get a more effective workout.

4. Fitness Buddy

Choose your workout buddy wisely; when you’re working out, it really helps to have someone to help you keep to your goals. Make sure that you choose your workout buddy wisely. If your workout partner can’t keep up with you, you may find it difficult to fit in the pace of workout that you need.

Try to choose a workout buddy who is either at the same or slightly higher level of fitness so that you can keep up, go further and stay motivated. This will ensure that the time you spend working out with a friend is as effective as possible.

5. Personal Trainer

While this one may seem like common sense to some, it’s surprising how many people think that they can just launch themselves into a workout routine and hope for the best.

If you know nothing about fitness or nutrition, you’re not likely to get very far when it comes to working out. By hiring your own personal trainer, you’ll receive tailored assistance with your workout routine and that trainer will help you grow your workout as your fitness level grows.

Not only will they be able to tell you what will help you burn off the weight or achieve your target goals, but you will also be able to get some nutritional advice. Your diet is very important when it comes to implementing changes to your body image and this is as specific to everyone as a workout routine.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to working out, as well as establishing other healthy habits, consistency is key.  In addition, it is important to be aware of that for our bodies to progress, it requires a settling time to learn how to do the exercise well and be efficient at the same. Like everything in life.

Remember always consult your primary care physician for all your health-related advice and stay fit.

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  1. Sam

    There may be nothing more demotivating than hitting that plateau. Granted it is exciting to have lost the weight in the first place, but you really need to maintain your motivation, eating habits, and exercise regimen to get over that plateau. It’s a true test of perseverance, but don’t be afraid to change some things up.


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